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Promote Device FAQ

What is the typical engagement length with Promote Device

We typically work with folks for 5+ years.

Why have I never heard of you before and who is behind Promote Device?

Great question! Promote Device has held interests in companies that perform in the space that it no longer holds, thus opening up our services. Brian Chappell, Managing Director, is a long time veteran of growing lead generation B2B businesses having grown and sold several different B2B businesses of his own since 2005.

How quickly can it take to generate results?

That varies by sector but its not uncommon to see an increase in sales after the first 30 days of listing through Medvertise.

How big is the Promote Device Team?

We are a boutique digital marketing agency made up of very experienced engineers, designers, and writers as well as PR, Paid Media and Organic Search specialists. We have the capabilities to take over the entire Digital operation or bolt on to your current inhouse/out-of-house team(s).

Where is the Promote Device Office?

We have operated a fully remote workforce for many years, this allows us to build world-class digital solutions and not sink costs into real estate the business doesn’t need.